Past Business Ventures

Nourish Inc.
Rebecca founded a farm to office catering company in 2010 and later re-branded it as “Nourish Inc.” in 2016. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company was acquired in 2021. During Rebecca’s stewardship, the company reached a height of two million meals and over 1 million pounds of fresh vegetables served annually, based on the proprietary “Real Food Formula,” with a staff of over 300 dedicated professionals. 

Rebecca Jean Catering
Drawing from her decades of experience in hospitality, Rebecca founded Rebecca Jean Catering, an upscale catering and events company, rooted in strong culinary values and innovative service, servicing leading technology companies on a grand and intimate scale. RJC was acquired in 2021.

Real Food is Sexy
Rebecca loves making fresh food fun, and as a passion project, set out to document the human side of “real food,” showing that our most embodied and sensual state occurs when eating whole food in its natural form.

Volunteering + Philanthropy

Graze the Roof Culinary Program at GLIDE Memorial
Rebecca pioneered a culinary program for GLIDE, developing and teaching cooking to inner city kids, K-12, using produce grown on the rooftop garden. Rebecca built out a garden tasting room in the church’s basement that continues to feed low-income and homeless neighbors today through generous support from Safeway.

Art Deco Society, BUILD, First Graduate, Women’s Initiative for self employment, Food Runner’s

Burning Man
It’s no small feat feeding 250 people for two weeks in the desert. Rebecca and some of her chef friends designed the kitchen infrastructure to safely serve three amazing meals a day, her past company prepped the food, and a volunteer-led workforce cooked it up on the daily. Think tents, refrigerator trucks, grey-water systems, portable sinks and tables, cyro-vac’d food, fresh vegetable deliveries, and loads of how-to manuals.

Consulting & CoCreation

Cool Beans
Fast casual REAL Food restaurant chain

Commercial kitchen build-out consultations

Naked Sage
Organic Teas

Notable Events

Super Bowl 50 VIP Party [2016]

Guidewire Picnic [2014, 2015, 2017]

Opportunity Fund Gala [2014, 2015]

Burning Man Artumnal Gala [2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016]

Google Science Fair [2012]

Google Holiday Party @ Winchester Mystery House [2013]

Eat. Drink. SF. (formerly the SF Chefs Food & Wine Event) [annually since 2009]


Notable Conferences


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